Steps to College Success

A Free Video Primer for Parents

  • Easy-to-follow overview of the college process

  • Finding the ‘Right Fit’

  • Understanding college costs

  • When to start

Welcome to the Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Center, a free educational series designed to help families understand the college process. You’ve been provided access to this series by an advisor who cares about your family’s academic and financial goals!

Financial Fit

College is expensive and can have a significant impact on your financial lifestyle and retirement plans. Learn how to plan for college costs.

Academic Fit

Finding the college that is an ideal fit academically for your student will give them the best opportunities to explore and grow into their potential. Learn to navigate the admissions process and what colleges look for in a student.

Personal Fit

College is one of the most important times in the lives of young people. Finding the best personal fit builds confidence, increases the chance of on-time graduation, and prepares the student for a successful career.

Implementing the 3 Pillars

We complete this video series by integrating the three pillars and how the application process weaves them together.

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